Care Tips for Microsoft Laptop Users

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Care Tips for Microsoft Laptop Users or “The 5 most Common Mistakes that Destroy Microsoft Laptop Computers.”

From experience here are the main things Microsoft Laptop Users need to know about taking care of their laptop.  Avoid the following mistakes:

  1. Breaking the female power cord plug off inside the main board.laptop-plug

Too many people do not take care of the power cord connector and think when they break it they can just order another cord.  The break is usually inside the case and integrated into the main board.  In my local market, (York County, SC) Matt at Metrolina Computer is the only person who attempts a repair of this type.  It is a tedious, time consuming project, and often the repair does not hold up regardless of the effort.  “Hats off” to Matt, for taking in, and attempting, this type of laptop computer repair.

  1. Damaging the Hard drive by not replacing the battery.

Improper shut downs result when Windows is not shut down correctly.  The correct option and first choice is using the mouse.  If the mouse is frozen the 2nd option is holding the power on switch down for 5 full seconds.  Often users are in the habit of just closing the lid and allowing the laptop to sleep.  When the battery dies an improper “power loss” shut down occurs.  This causes corrupt os files and hard drive errors.

  1. Damaging the Hard drive by not shutting down the Software.

Even if your battery is good, it does not give you a free ticket to close the lid and carry the laptop around while it “sleeps.”  Settings in the laptop attempt to park the hard drive but I would never count on it.  Always shut your laptop down correctly with the mouse before moving it.  Windows 7 has a pretty good “disk error” check feature under hard drive properties, “tools” that can help correct if not correct hard drive errors.  Most people do not know how to use it or even when they need to.   The idea is to never need to.  This same feature in Windows 8 is a disaster but then again so is the OS in my opinion.

  1. Not performing required preventive maintenance.

Run the “disk clean-up” tool as well as defragmentation once a month.  These tools are found under All Programs\ Accessories \ System Tools.  Starting with Windows 7 the defragmenter is set to run automatically on Wed. morning at 1 am but most laptops are not running at that time.

  1. Spilling liquid on the keyboard.

Last, too often I get called that liquid has been spilled in the keyboard and the laptop will not come on.  PC techs can’t help you (other than retrieving your data from the hard drive) but there is one thing you can try.  With no warranty, you can remove the battery, take the laptop outside and wash it out with a water hose.  Don’t blow the keys off.  The trick now is too get it to dry.  This could require letting it sit in the sun for days.  If you get it completely dry inside, put the battery back in and it should work.  Again, we make no warranty but I’ve seen this fix the problem more than once and I am not familiar with a case where it did not.  Good luck.

Dale Poston

A1 Mobile Computer

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