Apple stumbles with the iPhone but Offers to “Make it Right”

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Apple recently completed an investigation that concluded there is a problem with some of the batteries sold with the “iPhone 5” sales between Sept., 2012 and January, 2013.  Beginning later this week, on August 29, 2014, Apple will offer to replace the battery in the identified phones at no charge.

If you purchased an iPhone 5 during this time and have experienced a “short” battery life you can visit the following link to see if you qualify for a new battery at no charge.  Link—>

The new iPhone 6

In other news the production of the new iPhone 6 was halted in part of June and July of this year when Apple discovered a problem with the backlight display.  The original design was an effort to make the new smart phone as thin as possible, but the resulting display wasn’t bright enough and the production was halted while it was redesigned.  Production has now resumed.

“Hat’s off” to Apple from A1 Mobile Computer, for continuing to concentrate on the quality of their products, regardless of economic or competition pressures.

I am really not a cell phone specialist but on the topic of Laptops, computer techs are often asked, “What is the main difference between an Apple Laptop and a Microsoft Laptop?”  In reality there are quite a few differences but the short answer is; “You can’t buy a cheap Apple.”  With Microsoft you can buy a good one, or a cheap one.  Often a customer buys a cheap one and then says, “I should have bought an Apple.”  Lol, maybe you should have just paid more than $390.00.


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