A1 Mobile Computer has now Partnered with Gillware Data Recovery and Data Backup Services. Based on our research Gillware offers the best technology at the best price for these services.  We can handle these services for you or you can contact them directly.  It is usually best to have a good local pc-tech check your drive first before it is shipped off. Please call us for details. However often the drive must come apart to recover the data. This is just not possible locally because of the complex balancing inside the drive. If you decide to contact Gillware directly use partner number 50208 for local support from us at no extra charge!
We are proud to be a Gillware Data Recovery Affiliate Partner
A1 Mobile Computer can also handle Online Data backup with Gillware.  If you are local we can set this up on your PC from our office and handle everything for you!  Just give us a call! 803 329-9009