Laptop Picks for Christmas 2016

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Several people have called or emailed recently for advice on purchasing a computer desktop or laptop for Christmas this year, 2016.

Below is my opinion and recommendations for laptops.  I will try to have information for desktops in a few days but it will be very similar to that for laptops.  Our website includes our top picks for laptops and desktops from Amazon with links but only the laptop’s page has been updates as of today.  We will try to get the desktop’s page updated this week.  If you want assistance please email us at

If you are purchasing a laptop for fun and games, like the new touch screen feature of Windows 8 , 8.1, and Windows 10; you don’t mind wheels and hour glasses and having to wait on your operating system, you like toys you can toss in the trash can ina year, then by all means head on down to worst buy and laptop-gift-7393888get a new Windows 10 laptop with i3 single core 15 year old technology inside.

If your purchasing for college, school or work and want to get the job done quickly and efficiently without problems and don’t like having to hire computer technical assistance then take a look at the Windows 7 i7 Quad core CPU choices we have selected from $479.00 to $999.00 at out “Shop Now, ” “Laptop’s Page.”

That’s it in a nut shell sorry if I’m too direct, life is short.  If you have questions contact me at 803 329-9009 and leave a message and the best time to call you back.  Thanks!


When you receive your Windows 7 laptop keep in mind it will take a few days to a week to get your OS updates.  This is because Microsoft has programmed their server to only allow Windows 7 updates currently to sometime between Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.  Once they start they should complete.  Call me if you need help.

ALSO:  If you need a copy of Office I recommend Office 2010 the one I use and I can provide you with a copy of Office 2010 Pro (the full suite) installed for only $140.00.  This offer is only for existing customers or FB friends.



Should you Update your Computer Software?

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Historically I think most computer techs and IT pros agree that updating computer software is one good way to avoid security threats.  However that made not always be the case now.

With Java, Adobe, Microsoft and your Anti-Virus Security (not to mention other programs) constantly updating and/or checking for updates many modern virus’ can enter your pc thru and update.  I personally now update all of my programs except Trend Micro manually during a scheduled quarterly or bi-annual maintenance time and then turn off all updates except Trend.

JavaDownloadThere are several reasons but the 2 most important are that if a virus enters my PC from an update I want it to be when my work is caught up and I am not in the middle of a project.  The second reason is my network bandwidth (Internet Speed) is not being used by programs constantly checking for updates that I may not really need.

According to a recent study by a Danish security firm Secunia, US Windows users remain badly exposed to dozens of vulnerabilities.  The worst was from Java, a program required by many websites for a user to interpret or view Internet data. In total, Java 7 suffered a humungous 145 vulnerabilities in the third quarter of 2014 alone.  In second place was Apple QuickTime 7 and 3rd place Adobe Reader.

These programs while they seem to be updating all the time still leave the door open for existing vulnerabilities.

I have also noticed that when updating some programs you must “uncheck” the free gifts that come along with you having to ask for them, unless you want them of course.  Gifts like toolbars, Internet search filters, and other gifts I would classify as possible malware or spyware.  The Google Chrome Browser may be an exception to this suggestion.

Consider being very careful about your updates and only updating when you really need to, or consider having them all turned off and letting your PC tech perform all updates at one time during an annual checkup / cleanup.  This is best performed when your annual anti-virus is expiring so that can be updates at the same time.

Dale Poston

A1 Mobile Computer

Rock Hill, SC

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