I’ve  always said, “If a website or service company doesn’t advertise their rates, they must be either ashamed of them, or at least not proud of them.”
“We’re proud of ours!  If you can find a qualified professional cheaper than, this something is probably wrong somewhere!” 

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 *Rates Below are for Normal Work Hours

Mobile (On-Site):         $35.00-55.00 (depends on location) Mobile Trip Charge + $85.00/hour.


Bring In / Drop Off:     $55.00/hour ($45.00 diagnostic fee applied to any repair authorized).


* Multiply 1.5 for Saturday Rates and Double the above Rates for Sunday Service.


How do we Save you Money?

  1. We don’t advertise in a recession, we don’t spend money period!  Word of mouth is always the best policy!
  2. We do all of our own Web Design and Search Engine Optimization.  Our hosting expense: $7.95 per month!
  3. My office and PC-Lab is in my home and I have no mortgage! We don’t pay someone to sit by the phone and talk to telemarketers either (10+ a day.)
  4. I drive an older vehicle but I have no car payment.
  5. We believe in getting money the old fashion way, working for it!