We don’t build cheap computers.  We Custom Build High Performance PC’s for servers or work horse machines than need to run Quick Books, or other large applications such as video editing, simulators, servers or just bang out work stations that get the job done fast!

We can also assist in helping you purchase work stations that run Windows 7 not Windows 8.

Other items we sale include quality routers, wireless amplifiers, Security Cameras and DVR’s, and other accessories.

If you don’t see it at our online store call for an update!  Inventory is always changing.  We only stock quality items at a great price!

The following Windows 7, 64 bit Pro OS hardware Performance evaluation was taken from a New I-7 3.4 GHz Large socket PC with 16 gigs of High frequency Ram memory, 2 Solid state hard drives configured in Raid 0, and a $300.00 Video Card, we custom built for high performance.  The highest possible rating achievable in any area is 7.9.  It cost about $2,400.00 but it edits video’s pretty fast!