10 Most Common Mistakes Users make about Computers

These are based on personal experience of working with thousands of computer problems over 15 years.

It is true that computer techs will use special programs to assist in solving pc problems.  However the Internet is full of programs that claim to solve your problem but usually make it worse.  99% of the programs that claim they can fix your pc problem do not work and in fact make solving your issue more time consuming for a specialist costing more money in the long run.
While we have seen way too many problems compounded by Online Technicians and Companies from the Internet who eventually talk you into charging  your credit card to log into your computer but NOT fix it, we have yet to once here of someone who actually got their problem solved using this method.  Again, it will take longer to fix it and cost more when they are finished.  The one exception to this rule is when you have a corporate issue pc or laptop and a specialist IT Tech from that corporation or sometimes you may solve a QuickBooks or other special software application problem by speaking with a specialist who works for that company.  Be careful when calling, make sure the number is not for an imposter posing as that company on the Internet!  It happens all the time!
Unless he has a few years of full time experience and some formal training, it’s not likely their advice will be the correct solution for your problem.

All Microsoft OS computers that interact with the Internet need regular professional maintenance depending on the precise interaction.  There are hidden temp folders than need to be cleaned and browser settings as well as other OS settings that need to be checked to keep your PC running smooth.  If your PC is slowing down it is being stressed and is more likely to make errors which will only cause more problems.  Oh yes, your pc email program needs maintenance also.  At least “Empty the Trash Can!”

One should be very critical and selective when loading software applications on a Microsoft Computer.  Program installations make numerous changes to the secret “registry” that can not be reversed.  Once your registry has been edited so many times your PC will not run as efficient without a costly complete reformat.  And NO there is not any program that cleans and corrects the registry perfectly.  One of the worse cases we have seen was a PC with no other problems except every year the owner removed and Installed a different ant-virus program for several years.  What a mess.  Pick a very good antivirus (We recommend Trend Micro) program and stick with it.  Try not to change no more than once or twice over the life of the pc.

The average depreciation of a Windows OS pc (less than a Mac) is around $250.00-$275.00 a year.  $400-$500 computers are slow, need a lot of maintenance and last 1-2 years.  $900-$1000 computers are faster and last 405 years with less trouble.  The cost of transferring your data is not considered here.

Your drivers never need updated except rare situations.  Driver issues are not common.  Any update should be performed manually direct from the manufacturer.  These “Free” programs are offered to sneak malware and other junk into your computer.

I here way too many nightmare stories from customers who bought what the salesman recommended and are now in trouble.  We will be offering advice on this here.

I personally rank all Anti-Virus programs on a scale of 5-10 where 0 is no security and the worst security about a 5.  The best is about a 9.  You are 90% protected with the best security (Trend Micro).  Don’t get foolish and think you are not venerable to new attacks!

False..  New Operating Systems from Microsoft always have problems.  Your computer was designed for the operating system that came on it, don’t change it.

Most All virus’ in the last 10 years plant a copy of themselves in the system restore files so system restore will not remove them.  Anti-virus programs are a preventive action not a repair tool.