Windows XP in 2014

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Here is a question I get asked a lot (taken word for word from my email,

windows_xp_logoMy desktop currently is operating on Microsoft Windows XP which I understand is now obsolete and is no longer serviced or backed up by Microsoft.
What do I need to do? Can you help me? How much $$ are we talking to update?
Hopefully, we can transfer all files and documents as well as contact email list.


The only thing that has changed with  Windows XP is Microsoft is not supporting it with updates and patches any more.  (They never were supporting you personally that I know of.)  What this means is that if a default or bug is found they are not going to fix it.  Do you know of any default’s or bugs?  After 10 years of patches and updates I hope not.

Microsoft only makes money when someone buys a NEW operating system.  With a 40% loss in market share, another bad os release (Windows 8, reminds me of vista) and a bad economy, they are hurting like everyone else and they need you to buy a new OS.

In summary your PC tech (me) says if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, an os engineer might say, if it ain’t broke it don’t have enough features yet.

When you are ready for a new pc let me know and I will show you how to get the best deal, or the best pc for your money.  However I would not change the OS that is on your computer to another one, there are driver issues and other problems that can arise.

In other words XP is not quite yet obsolete on an existing pc only for a new one.  If you buy a new one it will not come with XP so there is no need to worry.

You don’t need to do a thing unless you just want to spend some money to see some “new” software that does the same thing a little different.

In a year or two the Anti-virus companies like Trend Micro, AVG, etc will eventually phase out there support for XP.  At that time XP will slowly began to die as it will no longer be able to stay alive on the internet without security.

Dale Poston

A1 Mobile Computer

PS: and yes when you are ready for a new pc, we can transfer your data.



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